Our Approach

It has become almost common knowledge that in order to heal the body one must heal the gut.  In order to ensure the gut can heal one will need to be sure the lymph system is properly working.  Without a proper functioning lymph system one cannot properly heal the gut. So our approach is to get the lymph system flowing.

Our Story

Joe Stauffacher has spent a decade seeking out the healthiest lifestyles, nutritional solutions to disease symptoms, supplements, alternative care practitioners, and advances in technology in order to improve his own health.  Along the way he has discovered how our body processes work, how aging occurs, the nutritional deficiencies, the toxins that affect the human body, and the tests not being paid for by insurance.

Three things excited Joe about this proprietary equipment.  It’s attention to the lymph system, the use of ozone, and the application of energy.

Next Steps…

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