The Lymph 4 Life Origin Story

What’s Lymph 4 Life?

#Lymph4Life is an ideology to remember the importance of our drains, the bodies lymph system. This is where our immune system fights bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

Warts for instance are a byproduct of our body fighting an HPV virus.  1 of 100’s and depending on the wart, maybe one that is not even testable to determine the type of HPV virus because many are not.  The doctors approach is to freeze it and hope it doesn’t come back.

Often our body fighting infections can go on for decades…

This is simply one aspect of why focusing on the lymph system is an interesting approach to self care.

How did Lymph 4 Life become a thing?

Long before going down the road of learning about the lymph system I barely knew what the lymph system does.  I knew if I had some swollen lymph nodes that I was about to get sick. That was my basic understanding of the lymph system.

In November of 2015 I attended Leadership and Longevity, a conference in Green Bay hosted by Dr Patrick Flynn, the founder of The Wellness Way. Dr Flynn gave a powerful talk about the bodies hormones and the differences between men and women.  It was super cool to see Dr Andrew Wakefield speak, and hear his story about all the bad internet press a person sees when googling his name. It was nice to hear his side of the vaccination story.  And I was blessed to hear Dr Charles Majors speak about his remarkable story of being a Cancer Killer.  He writes about his story in greater detail in his book, “The Cancer Killers (The Cause is the cure)“.

While attending this remarkable event, I walked by one of the many vending booths and I heard ozone being discussed.  I paused for a moment to look over this machine and the owner of the business was talking to another guest.  “This machine uses light therapy, frequency therapy, and ozone to super saturate the bodies cells.  Improving the health of the lymph system by getting things unstuck.” I grabbed her literature and continued on.

I gave all her contact information to my mom, and suggested she test out this alternative therapy. After a little prodding she booked an appointment.  Afterwards I was super curious what she thought of it.  She said she felt some tingling and was told that it might take a few appointments before noticing anything major.  Overall she said she felt good and would do it again.  She bought an initial package of 3 sessions.

Each time she went to a session, her response was similar with greater feeling growing while on the machine and always a ‘I feel good’ after doing it attitude.  It wasn’t long and I began to notice that she was continuing to go… She had been having quite a bit of sciatica pain that seemed to be beat, and she had a bad eye in which the doctor told her to keep doing whatever she was doing.

After a while I began to do research to see if there were other people offering the same service.  Because Mom was driving 5 hours round trip to do these treatments in Fond du Lac, WI from Platteville, WI.

Understanding the lymph system

During this time I was diving deep into understanding the lymph system, and how the body and lymph system worked together.  The real eye opener came at the end of 2016 when I got a sneak peak at the book, “Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet” by Dr John Douillard.  He made it clear that in order to improve our gut health we needed to be certain our lymph system was functioning properly.

I began reading all his content and blogs…  The Miracle of Lymph, Why Question Your Digestion, 5 Ways to Perfect Digestion, and Lymph Ancient Key to Longevity to name a few.

I got his program about the Miracle of Lymph.

As I was learning about the lymph system I began to see symptoms of lymph issues every where, and I knew this technology I had seen needed more people offering the service of tissue decongestion.

It’s a tool for people’s self care program… it’s not a magic solution.  It goes in a person’s healthy protocol toolbox along with seeing a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a personal trainer, an acupuncturist, or insert your favorite therapy like reiki.

And I knew this would give me the ability to show practitioners how to use the internet to grow their local businesses. At a certain point as a business consultant I was becoming tired of excuses so I wanted to be able to build my own local business to show other small business owners what’s possible using the internet.

This machine is a pretty sweet addition to my tools for helping people with nutrition coaching… full disclaimer I have no special credentials which is why I point people towards Naturally Unbridled Wellness, Life Spa, and The Wellness Way if they are looking for qualified practitioners with their own tools and toolbox.  I have been personally implement what I learn from Dr Douillard and it has been a game changer for my digestion.

So like a person chooses to get a massage, they can choose to use the lymph detox machine to improve their self care.  Check out our services.

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